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The New Lightworker

Welcome to  The New Lightworker podcast where we explore our place in the collective consciousness while inspiring conversation about one’s personal spirituality.   Join your host Nea Clare- Channel of Divine Wisdom as she facilitates this exploration into what it is to be a Lightworker today.   


We are in an age of conscious expansion and spiritual growth.  We are expanding beyond what we can know or truly understand - and I believe that is impacting the definition of what it is to be a Lightworker, what it means to be spiritual.  The New Lightworker podcast is a forum to talk candidly about what it is to work with the Light of Spirit, to live conscious alignment to Universal Laws and to find the willingness to remain in our conscious awareness.   Whether you are a healer, an intuitive, a baker or a street cleaner, we are all spriirtual beings living this human experience, lets explore how we do that together.

The New Lightworker:  Spiritual conversation for the modern age.

In these unprecedented times, it can be challenging to hold faith in ourselves, our friends and even in Spirit.   Where do you turn to remember your bright, powerful Spirit?   Join Nea Clare as she explores the nature of our Divinity and our right to live a life of purpose, joy and light.   

Let’s set aside what we think we know and start talking about who we are and what it means. We are all born from the same consciousness, and that light shines within all of us. Together, let’s shine that light.