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The New Lightworker

Welcome to  The New Lightworker podcast where we explore our place in the collective consciousness while inspiring conversation about one’s personal spirituality.   Join your host Nea Clare- Channel of Divine Wisdom as she facilitates this exploration into what it is to be a Lightworker today.   

Apr 6, 2018

In this episode, Nea Clare interviews Jill Goux, owner of Joyful Living.  She will share her experiences over the last year, and how personal transformation has opened doors to a new way of being and working with her clients.   She also shares about her innovative and brilliant new venture: Curse Club! (see details below) Jill is a seasoned intuitive energy practitioner, transformational movement, meditation and life coach, certified master dowser, as well as a channel, published writer and Spiritual teacher.

Curse Club with Jill GouxDo you enjoy swearing and cursing? Or maybe you want to explore this expressive side of you that has been ignored or stuffed away.

This workshop might be for YOU!  Get your curse on!  Check it out HERE.


Jill's Special Offer!

$20 off a 90 Minute Healing Session 

Use CODE: PODCAST20  when you call to book


Note: You can call Jill to schedule and mention your code for your discount!