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The New Lightworker

Welcome to  The New Lightworker podcast where we explore our place in the collective consciousness while inspiring conversation about one’s personal spirituality.   Join your host Nea Clare- Channel of Divine Wisdom as she facilitates this exploration into what it is to be a Lightworker today.   

Dec 26, 2017


In this episode Nea Clare will explore the power of your thoughts in helping you be the creator of your life.  2017 has been a year of unprecedented change has helped push us into a new level of consciousness.  What our experience has been- our ideas, beliefs and the need for familiarity and comfort are being made obsolete.  So, what do we do now?

Many understand that our thoughts create our reality, but knowing something and believing something is quite different.   Nea Clare will share more deeply how important it is to shift your knowledge into what you truly believe, as this shapes all your experiences. When your thinking, behavior and actions are in alignment – everything works the way I want it to.